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Summer Podiatry Specials


Toe to Heel Solutions for Your Feet


Athletes have found that injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can help spur the body’s natural healing process for soft tissue and tendons. You can benefit from this non-invasive treatment too. PRP therapy treatment offers patients in and around the South Atlanta Metro area including Fulton County, Cobb County, Douglas County, Fayette County, Henry County, and Clayton County a non-surgical method for reducing or eliminating pain from injuries and disorders of the foot and ankle. The concentrated solution, which is all composed of platelet rich plasma provided by the patient’s own blood, is injected into the patient at the affected foot, heel or ankle area. An ultrasound machine is used to guide the injection to the injured site.

Most common foot problems treated by PRP therapy are plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and Achilles injuries such as tendonitis. Learn more about the potential beneficial results for your foot pain with PRP Therapy.

Please call (404) 363-9944 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss if you are a good candidate for PRP.


It’s Time for Attractive Summertime Toenails

Does the preparation of your toes for summertime fashion require more than some buffing, moisturizing and nail polish for the ladies? If the answer is yes, you may have toenail fungus. You are not alone – it is a common condition that many people develop at some point in their lives. Toenail fungus can leave your nails discolored, brittle and unattractive. The sooner you treat this condition, the faster you will be sharing your toes with the world. We specialize in highly effective, state-of-the-art fungus toenail laser treatment, using the most powerful, specially designed podiatry MLS yag laser to deeply penetrate the toenail and kill the fungus.

Take Advantage of Our Two Specially Priced Treatment Options

$99.00 for one laser toenail-fungus treatment for up to 5 toes (Save $200)

$199.00 for one laser toenail-fungus treatment for up to 10 toes (Save $300)

You may see improvement within one to three months. Length of time for affected toenail to fully grow out ranges from six to 9 months. It’s time to take action! Call to schedule your appointment: 404.363.9944


30% Off – Special Discount Expires June 30th

Do your feet ache after standing or walking in shoes that don’t seem to provide enough support? The answer could be as simple as inserting a pair of orthotics into your shoes. Why do we recommend orthotics?

-Orthotics offer relief for painful foot problems, especially for those who must walk or stand excessively while at work, or in everyday activities.
-Regular use of an orthotic will alleviate knee and back pain.
-Orthotics help to maintain the normal positioning of the bones in the foot, as well as the joints in the ankles, knees and toe alignment.
-Wearing an orthotic helps to realign the spinal column.
-Orthotics help to alleviate fascia pain.
Wearing orthotics aids in the correction of minor foot deformities such as hammertoes.
Orthotics can also provide you with additional shock absorption during movement.

Visit any one of our practices conveniently located in Stockbridge, Fayetteville, Locust Grove and Atlanta to purchase your orthotics at our Product Store.

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It’s a festive way to spend your 4th of July. Make sure you are race ready by scheduling a check-up at one of our Atlanta area American Foot and Leg Specialists before the big day. For information visit the Peachtree Road Race Website