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Prevention of Toe Nail Fungus

SteriShoe® Sanitizer

SteriShoe Sanitizer is sold in pairs | Atlanta Laser Nail Specialists

If you’ve had toenail fungus before, or you’ve seen the feet of people who have it, you know how ugly and embarrassing it can be. Wearing open toe shoes in the warm weather is out. Topical treatments take months to work and you have to remember to apply daily. Laser treatments are better and work well in getting rid of the fungus after 1 or 2 treatments. Even so, the best way to treat toenail fungus is by not getting it to begin with. The SteriShoe© has been most effective in keeping people’s shoes free of the spores that create the fungus.

How the SteriShoe® Works

By using germicidal ultraviolet light (“UVC”), the SteriShoe® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer kills microorganisms that cause athlete’s foot, nail fungus, and shoe odor. UVC has been used as a germicide for years in hospitals and water treatment systems. You probably are familiar with UVA and UVB wavelength of light because it’s the type of light that causes sunburns and can lead to skin cancer. UVC light is not as well known by the public but is well known within scientific communities and medical communities because of its ability to destroy microorganisms.

UVC works when microorganisms are directly exposed to UVC light. Because most shoes have some type of plastic covering which prohibits the light from penetrating through the covering, The SteriShoe® is designed to go inside the show where it can come directly expose the UVC light to the microorganisms and therefore destroying them. SteriShoe® comes in pairs so you can sanitize all your shoes safely and without using chemicals.

Backed by Clinical Studies

The Journal of The American Podiatric Medical Association reported on a clinical study that involved using the SteriShoe® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer. The fact that shoes harbor microorganisms has been well established; the journal article cites three previously published studies to this effect. For this study, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum designed a repeatable way to culture shoes and then successfully tested the ability of the SteriShoe® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer to decontaminate the shoe. The study showed that the SteriShoe® sanitizer destroyed, on average, over 80% of the microorganisms in the tested shoes.