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Put Your Best Foot Forward This Summer!

hurt all over feetWith spring break and summer quickly approaching, most people are starting to think about shorts, t-shirts, sandals and fun in the sun; however, some of us are already dreading the thought of removing our shoes publicly due to toenail fungus, offensive foot odors or other problems with our feet. If left untreated many foot issues can lead to toenail deformity, stinky/sweaty feet, itching, blistering and peeling skin, or worse. American Foot and Leg Specialists can provide a personalized treatment plan to correct or eliminate your foot problems in time for summer fun! We have 4 convenient locations – one in south Atlanta and 3 in surrounding southwest area communities including Stockbridge, Locust Grove, and Fayetteville. We’re convenient to patients living in Fayette, Henry and Clayton Counties.

What are Some of the Most Common Foot Problems?

Toe Nail Fungus – (onychomycosis) is the most common foot infection caused by a fungus that infects the tissue underneath the toenail. The result is discoloration of the nail(s) as it becomes thickened and raised. It often occurs as a result from moist feet, footwear that does not allow air circulation, and excessive foot perspiration. It is widely spread in nail salons or other places where bare feet are exposed. Laser treatment can repair the damage and have your toes looking great soon!

Athlete’s Foot – (known as tinea pedis – ringworm of the feet), is a contagious fungus occurring between the toes that thrives in damp environments such as gym showers, and shoes and/or socks that do not “breath”. Over time it causes intense itching, burning, flaky skin, and discomfort as it continues to spread or worsen over time.

Sweaty Feet and Foot Odor – when sweat gets trapped inside shoes, the result can be foot odor, an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. The foot has more sweat glands than any other part of the body, and that sweat isn’t easily absorbed due to the wearing of socks and shoes. As a result, bacteria can grow which causes an odor. The medical term for sweaty feet is hyperhidrosis, while the term for smelly feet is bromhidrosis. It is recommended that paMacer RX from our store, as well as avoiding wearing shoes made from all man-made materials with no ventilation.

Blisters – are more often than not the result of improper footwear. Friction causes a watery pocket of fluid to form on the upper layers of the skin (epidermis). You’re your feet are sweaty you may be especially blister prone as your feet may slip around in your shoes, especially if you aren’t wearing socks to help absorb the moisture. Exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures or chemicals (contact dermatitis) can also cause blisters.

Treatment and Preventive Care

Patients with tendency for sweaty, smelly feet should: wash feet often and thoroughly dry them; absorb moisture and odor with powder formulated for feet; and apply topical drying gel. American Foot and Leg Specialists offers podiatry products at our Product Store that can treat your foot condition(s) at home including:
Steri Shoe – kills 99.9% of the bacteria and odor in shoes.
• Clean Sweep Spray – kills bacteria and neutralize the causes of shoe odor
• Macer RX: a fast drying gel for deteriorated, infected web spaces between toes due to fungal yeast infection, bacterial infection, and ringworm. Also helps keep feet dry and sweat free.
• In addition, products are available to support toe problems, heel support, and nerve pain.

Drop by one of our four locations in Atlanta, Stockbridge, Locust Grove or Fayetteville to shop our products and schedule an appointment for laser toenail fungus treatment to relieve your foot problems for the summer!