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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

laser for toenail fungus| Atlanta Laser Nail SpecialistToenail fungus is a common malady that affects both men and women. For many years, the only treatment available was oral medication that carried the risk of allergies, toxicity of the liver and incompatability with other drugs. While laser treatment of the condition was developed nearly two decades ago, it has only now become an acceptable method to treat and destroy the fungus.

How Laser Treatment Works

The laser used to treat fungus of the toenails was developed by Aerolase, and it is used only in podiatry. The number of times a patient will need to receive treatment is dependent on the severity of the fungal infection and how well it initially responds. The patient may experience a sensation of warmth while the treatment is occuring, but there is no pain. In the majority of cases, a single treatment will kill the toenail fungus. In rare cases, the treatment may need to be repeated at a later time.

Expectations of Treatment

The results of treatment will not be seen right away. It may be as long as three months before there are any visible changes to the toenails. This is because a toenail’s full growth cycle can take up to nine months, which means it may be one year or longer before the treatment is complete. The time may be less or more depending on whether the patient is also taking oral medication.


help with toenail fungus | Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist

Treat Your Feet Well!

Laser treatment for toenail fungus has been proven effective in eradicating the fungus and preventing its regrowth. The patient should understand that the laser therapy is only a treatment process and should not be viewed as a cure. Practicing proper foot hygiene, which includes daily washing, wearing shoes that are well-ventilated and other common-sense approaches are recommended to prevent the return of the fungus. Patients may also wish to evaluate their diets and eliminate foods that contribute to fungal growth, namely sugars, cheese and certain kinds of nuts.

Anyone who is suffering from fungus of the toenails, and is interested in exploring laser treatment, can contact the experienced staff at Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist for a professional evaluation.

Laser Treatment