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For the Love of Shoes – Shoe Shopping

Woman Shoe Shopping | Nail fungus| AtlantaNothing is more exciting than walking into a shoe store, spotting some killer “stylin” shoes, then trying them on, while prancing around the shoe department, posing in front of the mirror. What a rush! You may think I’m exaggerating, but I am a girl who loves to shop for shoes!

I do remember shopping with my mother for shoes long ago. She was always careful to ask for the little footies before trying on. Somehow since then, I have totally disregarded that protective measure. Besides, those little footies are so unattractive and get in the way of my overall pleasurable experience.

Then I read the article published in the Huffington Post. I found out that I could be in danger of contracting someone else’s foot disease! There’s no way that you can know how many other women have crammed their foot into the shoes I just tried on and in what condition those feet were in. Potentially they could have deposited some fungus that causes athlete’s foot or the virus that causes plantar warts.

Athlete’s foot is a condition that causes your feet to itch and crack and is caused by the same kind of fungus that causes jock itch. Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. Both the fungus and the virus love warm, moist environments like the inside of shoes and boots. That’s a little reassuring considering that people don’t generally try on shoes long enough to work up a sweat inside of them. You are a lot more likely to be at risk poolside, in the gym, or in a public shower.

However, there is a small potential to get someone else’s infection and you might give some thought to those disposable footies next time you indulge in shoe shopping.

If you do happen to contract toenail fungus, American Foot and Leg Specialist have a wonderful laser that can zap it away. They are located just south of Atlanta in Forest Park, Stockbridge, Locust Grove and Fayetteville.

Written by a Friend of American Foot & Leg Specialists