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Cinnamon Oil – A Natural Treatment to Prevent Foot Fungus
Cinnamon Sticks | Foot Health | Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist

Cinnamon oil is a natural option to help prevent the development of toenail fungus. Atlanta Laser Nail Specialists recommends laser treatment for existing toenail fungus.

A very common affliction of the feet is toenail fungus. It is a chronic problem that can cause embarrassment, as the toenails are typically visually unpleasant. Toenail fungus symptoms include pain, itching, nail discoloration and the nail can even begin to crumble, peel and fall off. This problem can become a much larger health issue if it goes untreated because the fungus can spread to other toes and cause problems with mobility. There are a variety of over the counter and prescription creams and medications that  the Atlanta Laser Nail division of American Foot and Leg Specialists can prescribe to prevent and treat active cases of toenail fungus, but there are some preventative options available that are homeopathic and natural. One of those options is cinnamon oil, which is particularly good as a preventative measure against both athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. It also can help relieve the symptoms of minor cases of both conditions, although for severe symptoms a visit to American Foot and Leg Specialists, serving the Atlanta metro area and south Atlanta communities, is recommended.

Why Cinnamon Oil?

Cinnamon oil is a surprising agent to be used as a fungal treatment, but if you are looking for something that does not contain the chemical components of medicated creams and prescriptions, this is an alternative worth considering. Cinnamon oil is a powerful natural antibacterial that often yields the results of medication without the chemicals. It has been shown to prevent and fight Candida yeast infections, which is one of the many causes of toenail fungus and athletes foot.

Cinnamon oil works from the inside out, helping to heal your body in many ways, which, in turn, is also what helps in fighting toenail fungus. One of its major properties is to act as a warming agent, resulting in improved circulation, and improved blood flow can reduce the chances of developing toenail fungus in the future. It also works to keep blood sugar levels regulated, therefore depriving the bacteria of sugar, which is a primary food source.

How To Use Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil can be taken orally as a daily preventative measure, but applying it directly to your nail is the best route if you are currently trying to treat a mild case of fungus. There are several ways to apply cinnamon oil, so you will want to choose the method that best suits your specific needs. Application options include:

1.  Dilute the cinnamon oil with water and use a spray bottle to apply to your toes. Allow it to dry. You can use the oil without diluting it, but keep in mind that it will feel like applying alcohol to an open cut.

2.  Dilute the cinnamon oil with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. This is especially helpful for those who have sensitive skin.

3.  Mix some cinnamon oil in a basin of hot water and allow your feet to soak in it. The oil will be more effective if you allow it time to sink into your skin.

If you are struggling with severe toenail fungus problems, the Atlanta Laser Nail division of American Foot and Leg Specialists can help you tackle the problem with a laser toenail treatment plan. The staff is friendly and understanding, and are experts at laser treatment for toenail fungus, which allows you to have an easy and comfortable experience while at the facility. Schedule and appointment to have all of your questions answered and all of your concerns addressed.