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MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT Do you suffer from foot or leg problems? As the “Baby Boomers” transition into “senior” status, the potential for a decline in bone and joint health is frightful. Even though the majority of this generation leads increasingly healthy and active lifestyles, almost 50% of the American adult population is affected […]

A-MAY-ZING MAY Toe to Heel Solutions for Your Feet PRP THERAPY – OFFERING YOU THE TREATMENT OF CHOICE BY MANY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES Athletes have found that injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP) can help spur the body’s natural healing process for soft tissue and tendons. You can benefit from this non-invasive treatment too. PRP therapy […]

T’IS THE SEASON  FOR HOLIDAY GIFTING   December  2014 STOCKING STUFFERS GALORE Need creative ideas for goodies to stuff in those holiday stocking? We have a Santa’s Sack full of products for everyone in the family. Foot care products may not be “glamourous” gifts, but they show you really care. And hey, who needs another […]

A very common affliction of the feet is toenail fungus. It is a chronic problem that can cause embarrassment, as the toenails are typically visually unpleasant. Toenail fungus symptoms include pain, itching, nail discoloration and the nail can even begin to crumble, peel and fall off. This problem can become a much larger health issue […]