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Category Archives: Toenail Disorders

Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist, a specialty center of America Foot & Leg Specialists, specializes in the removal of fungus on toenails. All four of our locations around the Atlanta Metro area serving patients in the South Atlanta Metro area including Fayette County, Douglas County, Cobb County, Fulton County, Clayton County, and Henry County, are expert […]

Now that summer is just around the corner are you ready to put on those cute sandals or kick off your shoes for fun in the sun? Many of us are embarrassed to expose our feet due to unsightly toenail fungus. Nail fungus is a common condition that begins as a white or yellow spot […]

With spring break and summer quickly approaching, most people are starting to think about shorts, t-shirts, sandals and fun in the sun; however, some of us are already dreading the thought of removing our shoes publicly due to toenail fungus, offensive foot odors or other problems with our feet. If left untreated many foot issues […]

WELCOME SPRING NEWSLETTER PUT A SPRING  BACK  IN YOUR STEP  March 2015 ERADICATE TOENAIL FUNGUS WITH OUR POWERFUL FUNGUS LASER TREATMENT $99 for 1 Session – 5 Toes      With all of the cold and snowy weather we’ve been having in the Atlanta area, American Foot and Leg Specialists know it’s hard to imagine […]

Okay. So you are finally fungus free thanks to your laser toenail fungus treatments at Atlanta Laser Nail Specialist, a specialty practice of American Foot and Leg Specialists, and your toenails are starting their long road to recovery. It typically takes up to 9 months for them to grow back to normal length. But at […]

When the cold days of winter are in full swing, it sometimes feels like warm weather will never get here again. However, one of the great things about living in Atlanta is that spring almost always gets here early. When it arrives, you need to make sure that your feet are ready for sandal season. […]

NOVEMBER NEWS COUNT THE WAYS TO BE  THANKFUL THIS THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY  November  2014 PERFECT GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS The Steri-Shoe Do you know a special someone who rarely buys themselves a treat? Stuck on giving an ingenious gift to someone that is impossible to shop for? Know an athlete with a bad case of stink […]

Nothing is more exciting than walking into a shoe store, spotting some killer “stylin” shoes, then trying them on, while prancing around the shoe department, posing in front of the mirror. What a rush! You may think I’m exaggerating, but I am a girl who loves to shop for shoes! I do remember shopping with […]

Believe it or not, fungus is a natural part of the human body and has important jobs to do for us. Tiny helpers including fungi, bacteria and other microbes break down toxins and are barriers against foreign microbial invaders. The numbers of each are kept in careful balance, critical to maintaining good health. An embarrassing […]

Athletes keep in shape, watch their diet, train hard but one thing they have a hard time keeping under control is toenail and foot fungus. Toenail fungus is a type of fungal infection that affects one or more of the nails. One of the first signs of nail fungus is a yellow or white spot […]